Shred Diet – Week 1 Day 3

How I am going to lose 20 pounds in the next 6 weeks

It’s Day 3 and things are getting better!  I’ve overcome the issues from earlier days and am starting to get into a rhythm.  The trickiest part is getting all the meals in on time!

So I’m pleased to report that the extreme headache from Day 1 passed and hasn’t come back.  Guess my body was really mad about my change of eating habits!  While the headache has gone away, yesterday (Day 2) my body was still adjusting to the change of eating.  My stomach was a little “rumbly” all day and not from being hungry.  My best guess is that I starting adding a lot of whole wheat and granola to my diet and I hadn’t been eating either of those things previously.  Maybe my body was just getting used to processing those new foods.

It’s evening of Day 3, so almost at the end and the rumbly feeling is mostly gone now and I am really starting to feel great.  Now that the headache and upset stomach have passed, my energy level is really starting to go up, I NEVER feel hungry and my blood sugar seems to be pretty even.  Unscientifically I say my blood sugar is even because I don’t have any swings where I feel really tired or really hungry.  Prior to starting SHRED, I would eat a bunch for a meal, then go 5-6 hours before I ate again.  I would then feel so hungry that I ate a ton of junk, then I felt lethargic.  I’ve had none of that since starting SHRED.

As I mentioned in the opening sentence, the eating is getting more routine.  It’s still a struggle to get all of the meals in on time.  I get busy and don’t think about it.  I’m having to set the timer on my watch to ding every 1.5 hours or so to remind me to either eat, or to start thinking about the next meal.  Some of the smoothies take some prep time, so I need to think ahead on those.

The other really great part of the discipline of the diet is that I am making time for exercise every day.  While actually exercising isn’t my favorite pastime  I absolutely love the feeling when I am finished exercising… tired, but refreshed.  I think the exercise is a part of why my energy levels are feeling so much higher.

As I go into Day 4, it’s a Friday (yes, I started the diet on a Tuesday, that’s why Friday isn’t Day 5) and Fridays are really busy for me.  I have meetings all morning, then about a 2 hour break, then I am busy for the rest of the day.  I will have to think ahead tomorrow and prepare meals and snacks ahead of time so I’ll be able to keep up with the schedule.

I am still really happy about the diet and how I am feeling.  I will be excited to see what I weigh next Tuesday after I complete Week 1!

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