Day 12 Introduction

Today is brainstorm day.  We begin “Phase 2” of training and here we pick the niche that we want to focus on for building our first product.

Day 12 Tasks

Today’s task is to build a laundry list of ideas.  From “what am I good at” to “what do I like to do” to “what do people think I am good at”, it’s a day to write down anything and everything that is interesting and/or I have skills in.

Day 12 Observations

Writing down my interest and skills was a fun exercise.  I literally walked around my house and looked at what was in it, which reminded me of all of the things I enjoy doing.  My interests are wide and varied, so I started to get a bit wrapped up in wondering what I’d actually pick for my topic.

As usual, one of the training videos specifically mentioned that this may be a problem and emphasized that it’s important not to overthink this section… just brainstorm for today.  That helped me a lot and got me thinking more about what kind of product I’d build and, more importantly, what my primary value would be.

I’ve decided that I’m really good at explaining things and that my value, both for my first product, and my entire online business, will be to show my visitors and customers how to succeed online.  I’ll focus on the “how to” aspect, showing all of the steps required to get things done.  When people use my products, they will have a complete roadmap to succeed.  Many marketers pitch one product, then move on to the next one without considering how their audience is consuming.  To me, this behavior is part of the reason new Internet Marketers get stuck and move from one thing to the next…. there is no specific path for them to follow.

My focus will be different.  All of my offerings will be designed to help my customers to succeed.  Whether it be with traffic generation, picking products or accomplishing technical tasks, all of my offerings will be complementary.

Not exactly the direction I thought I’d be going today during training, but it’s been a fun and eye-opening day for me.

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Wayne Foreman
Wayne Foreman

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