Day 16 Introduction

Today is very straightforward… pick a name for my product.  As you’d expect, there are quite a few factors to consider before settling on a product name.

Day 16 Tasks

Watch the process John Thornhill uses to pick product names, then pick a few names of my own.  Final task is to pick 4-5 potential names of my own and submit to the Help Desk for John and team to look over.

Day 16 Observations

Today is when things get real.  The product gets a name, a domain name for that product gets registered and now all focus is on creating the product.

Are you considering building your own online business but aren’t sure where to start or how to figure everything out?  If so, I’d encourage you to check out the same program that I’m using right now to build this site and my first product.  John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program will teach you how to build a business of your very own and provide the same mentoring resources that I currently use.

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Wayne Foreman
Wayne Foreman

Hey I'm Wayne! Husband, father and chief architect of this site. Follow me as I build an Internet Marketing business from scratch following John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Training. I'll share my progress every step of the way.

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