I’m really excited to proceed to Day 2!  Day 1 really made a lot of progress fast and I’m a person who is highly motivated when I see progress and Day 1 didn’t disappoint.  Now we’ll build on our progress by taking the bare bones blog and making it a bit more functional.

Day 2 Tasks

Day 2 focuses on getting organized and making the blog look better and navigate more smoothly.  Tasks include:

  • Find an appropriate (and functional) them to use for the site.
  • Setting up a personal organization system.
    • While this may seem elementary, I love that the program reminds you to take care of the big AND little things along the way.  It really helps cut down on the “overwhelm”.
  • Applying a theme to make things look nicer, work better and to start establishing a brand and public presence.
  • Use the new theme to set up visuals like headers, footers and categories.
  • Configure blog settings and plugins
  • Set up key pages on the blog
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing and securing the blog.

Reflections from Day 2

Again, nothing too challenging today, just lots to do.  Another great day of progress, both in building the business and in improving the visual aspect of my brand.  It’s incredible how quickly you can start to establish yourself on the Internet, even before you start the “business” part of the business!  I’m still pumped and can’t wait for Day 3!!

See you tomorrow!

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Wayne Foreman
Wayne Foreman

Hey I'm Wayne! Husband, father and chief architect of this site. Follow me as I build an Internet Marketing business from scratch following John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Training. I'll share my progress every step of the way.

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