Day 2 was really busy.  I made a ton of progress, but there were quite a few steps to get through!  Most of the infrastructure of the blog has been set up, so now we move to Day 3 where the focus is on actually starting to add content.

Day 3 Tasks

Day 3 is a break from installation and configuration.  Today is a sit-down interview with John Thornhill and Randy Smith as they discuss tips and tricks for success with Internet Marketing.  From blog creation best practices to tips for generating organic traffic, this is 45 minutes of expert discussion and advice.

Lots to digest from this recording so I’m sure I’ll be reviewing it several more times.

Reflections from Day 3

It was nice to have a lighter day today.  I enjoyed listening to the video and having the time to finish up some loose ends from the previous two days.  My head is swimming, but I know that the information will sink in over time.

See you tomorrow!

Resources Discussed in this Article

Are you considering building your own online business but aren’t sure where to start or how to figure everything out?  If so, I’d encourage you to check out the same program that I’m using right now to build this site and my first product.  John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program will teach you how to build a business of your very own and provide the same mentoring resources that I currently use.

Check out this free webinar for more information:

Wayne Foreman
Wayne Foreman

Hey I'm Wayne! Husband, father and chief architect of this site. Follow me as I build an Internet Marketing business from scratch following John Thornhill's Partnership to Success Training. I'll share my progress every step of the way.

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