Now that the nuts and bolts of creating my web presence are complete, it’s time to start building good habits.  While there is much more to be done to get the blog where it needs to be, I love that this program doesn’t overwhelm me with tasks.

Day 4 Tasks

Today’s task is simple, write a blog post that is at least 400 words long.  The cool thing about John’s program is that he adds small tasks each day to start building good habits.  There isn’t a ton of overwhelm.  For example, I looked at the blog today and realized that there were opt-in forms I needed to create, menu bars that needed to be updated and categories that needed to be refined.

As if John heard my thoughts, today’s video mentioned that we’d be addressing all of those blog items later on and that today’s goal was simply to start building the habit of creating content.  The other aspect of this program that I appreciate is that John’s always reminding us that content must be valuable to our readers.  Creating content for the sake of creation isn’t valuable, nor should we be focused on making money.  The only focus should be on creating value for our readers.

Reflections from Day 4

As I work through the daily tasks, I’ve decided to use this daily update post as my personal accountability project.  When John assigned today’s task of creating a blog post, I chose to address that separately from this post.  For me it helps to keep these articles coming daily.  Even if no one reads them, I am forced to reflect on the day’s activities and take inventory of how I’m progressing.  I’ll tackle the blog writing assignment separately.

I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time.  I’m really loving this training so far!

See you tomorrow!

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Wayne Foreman
Wayne Foreman

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