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Like most people, I have great intentions… about work, my family, my health or anything else, I have lots of ideas about what I should do, but I constantly find myself at the end of the day, or the week or the month wondering where the time went.  Life is busy for all of us and finding the time to get things done is always a challenge.

I’ve found a solution that works for me, but implementing that solution can be challenging.  My secret to productivity is the simple task list.  Keeping a task list is the way I keep myself focused on my important “to do’s” and maximize my available time.  I’ll cover the specific tool I use for keeping up with tasks in a future post, but, today, I’ll elaborate on my secret for sticking to anything new.

In keeping with the theme of following through on good intentions, we all WANT to be better… better health, better productivity, better time managers, etc… but life sometimes gets in the way.  My secret for sticking to anything new is to be accountable to someone else.  Typically my wife is my accountability partner.  I’ll share with her what I am trying to accomplish and tell her why and then she’ll ask me about my progress daily to make sure I am doing what I said I would do.

The other technique I am incorporating is this BLOG.  I have so many ideas and things that I’d like to share, I have decided to use this Blog as my way to be accountable.  Each day I’ll add a new post recording something that I have learned, discovered or want to share for that day.

I welcome you to my Blog.  My goal is to share useful pieces of information that you can use to make your life better, more productive or more fun.  I encourage you to ask questions, post your thoughts and ideas and interact as much as you are comfortable with.  My only goal is to record my thoughts and to help others do better.

I welcome you to the Blog and wish you all the best!


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Hi I'm Wayne.... Husband, Father, professional tinkerer! I love to learn new things and to share them with others. Follow me as I try to figure it all out and then share it with you!

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