Who’s Wayne?

Hey there, I’m Wayne and Welcome! I’m a family guy who has worked in technology his entire life. My corporate job focuses on technology training because it’s an area that I love… learning about technology, then teaching it to others.

Who We Serve

Anyone who has a genuine interest in building their very own internet-based business would benefit from the information on this site.

Wayne Foreman
My Background

I’ve been in technology of some kind for my entire career. My degree in college was focused on “Information Systems” and I’ve worked with some kind of hardware or software seller ever since. During that time I’ve been a technical expert, a seller, and a technical trainer.

Most recently I have focused on Sales Enablement for various high-tech software companies. This means that I have to quickly learn very technical concepts and then distill them into a format that sellers can quickly understand and then communicate to prospects and customers.

This Site’s Focus

I have loved being a corporate worker for most of my career. I’ve met amazing people, been exposed to incredible companies, and learned some extraordinary skills. Unfortunately, the corporate world just isn’t as stable as it once was and I’m finding that success these days requires lots of job hopping.

At this point in my life, I’m ready to put my love of technology and training to work for me. I’ve decided that I’ll leverage the amazing internet-based business opportunities that are available and gradually build my business to a point where it will replace my corporate job income.

This site will be my testing ground… I’ll learn new skills, test them here, and document everything as I go so you can see just what it takes to build your own internet-based business!